Jones, 1 Year
Meet Alenni Chitwood


Alenni is a 29-year-old entrepreneur residing in Long Beach, California.

She is a self-taught baker and decorator, who discovered her passion for cookie art when she struggled to find a baker to make animal cookies for her son's first birthday party, and decided to make them herself.

When she's not decorating cookies or teaching classes, Alenni enjoys cooking, listening to audiobooks, organizing her home, and spending time with her husband, son, and two dogs.

Alenni is also the owner of tutoring company, Eggheads Learning Academy, which she founded in 2020.

what we offer

Batter Up Sweetery is a cottage bakery specializing in artisanal sugar cookies.Our signature sugar cookie flavor is Vanilla Almond, made with nut-free almond flavoring.

We also offer a seasonal menu with a variety of other flavors and treats (coming soon!)

In addition to our baked goods, we offer monthly cookie classes where students of all ages can learn how to decorate their own beautiful cookies! We also offer private cookie classes.

Jones, 1 Year